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    How much does it cost to live

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    Affordable living in four towns where amenities beat the heat

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    What to know when moving

    to the Texas Hill Country

    Important, forgotten tips that will make your move easier.

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    How Can Outdoor Hiking

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    What 55+ Consumers Want in their

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    Amenities and environmental factors that affect seniors

Who We Are?

About Us

We create resort-style communities on the outskirts of large cities with a focus on providing complete customer service. We take you by the hand in choosing land, creating design plans, obtaining financial documents and loans, building your home and any other service you may require.

Customer Service 95%

Design & Architecture 85%

Experience 82%

Customer Satisfaction 99%

Rocky Creek Ranch

A large community that allows for large plots of land and has access to hunting.

Rockin' J Ranch

A resort-style community in the Texas Hill Country with a range of activites from horseback riding, to golfing on Vaaler Creek Golf Course, to fishing, hunting, or socializing in the community pool and gathering area.

The Summit

A large community nestled in the hill country with access to the best amenities.

Vaaler Creek Golf Club

The championship course of 18 holes features well-placed bunkers and beautiful water-features that provide a challenging, yet relaxing round of golf for players of all skill levels.

What they say?


"We've been treated very well by all of the staff here. It's fantastic the way they work with you and help you build the kind of house you want to have."

Richard York - Homeowner

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What We Do?


Our Priority is Customer Service

At Campestres we understand how difficult it can be obtain your dream home, which is why we specialize in guiding you through the hoops of selecting property, getting design plans, obtaining the financial permissions and documents you need, supervising the building process, and all while shortening the purchase cycle.

Expert Concierge

Expert Concierge

Our expert concierges will take you by the hand and lead you through the difficulties of buliding a home. They will keep you constantly in the loop and always tailor your experience to your needs.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

We have a variety of banks that are directly connected to our systems, allowing us to send them all of the information they need to see if you qualify for loans and other financials needs. You won't have to deal with banks!

Advanced Software

Advanced Software

With our state of the art design software, you will be able to make complex design changes without having to consult an architect or engineer & we drastically reduce the purchasing cycle.



We make sure that you are comfortable and have everything you need around your home, whether that be a clean community pool, organized offices and meeting spaces or caddies available for use on the golf course.

How do we do it?

Our Process

1. Planning

2. Design

3. Approval

4. Build

Customize & Build


Rockin' J Ranch
Air Bliss Home
Heavenly Nest Home
Putting Green
Rockin' J Ranch
Community Pool
Rockin' J Ranch
Open Air Pavilion w/ Grill
Rockin' J Ranch
Bridge Over Pond
Rockin' J Ranch
Custom Home - Front
Air Bliss
Custom Home - Kitchen
Air Bliss
Custom Home - Backyard Dark
Air Bliss
Custom Home - Backyard Day
Air Bliss
Custom Home - Front
Heavenly Nest
Custom Home - Backyard
Heavenly Nest
Custom Home - Interior
Heavenly Nest
Custom Home - Backyard Grill
Heavenly Nest

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